Ramakrishna Math Computer Institute, Pune

Swami Vivekananda:

...there should be an institution to train teachers who must go about preaching religion and giving secular education to our people; they must carry both. As we have been already carrying religion from door to door, let us along with it carry secular education also...

...What we need, ...we need technical education and all else that may develop industries...

Ramakrishna Math Computer Insititute Pune came into existence on 24th October, 2001 (Durgashtami). Computers have entered into all fields of modern life and hence a keen necessity was felt to impart computer training at very nominal rates to the general public. It was with this objective that the Ramakrishna Math Computer Institute was started to provide knowledge to the people, without bias against any caste, creed or gender. Computer Training is the knowledge for modern times and to fulfill this need we have designed well-suited degree programs.

We train students in different courses which are practical and needful. All catagory students like children,teenagers, middle aged and senior citizens are benefited by the computer training. Computer traning batches starts at 8.00am in the mornig and ends at 8.00pm in the evening.

We have well qualified staff working throughout the day and best for their students. A peaceful atmosphere and well equipped computer lab helps students to learn properly.

Ramakrishna Math Computer Institute is a place where new technology can be studied in a spiritual environment.

Courses - Please contact the Computer Institute for rates and starting dates.

MSCIT training
Programming Classes
DTP Classes



Duration: 2 Months and Daily 2 Hours

Duration: 1 Month and Daily 1 Hour

Desktop Publishing (D.T.P.)
Duration: 2 Months and Daily 2 Hours

Duration: 2 Months and Daily 2 Hours

Duration: 3 Months and Daily 2 Hours
Fees: Regular Mode-Rs.2210/-
Selfstudy Mode-Rs.950/-
Two Installments-Rs.1160/-each (Total Rs.2320/-)