If children live with criticism,
     they learn to condemn,
If children live with hostility,
     they learn to fight.
If children live with fear,
     they learn to be apprehensive.
If children live with encouragement,
     they learn to be confident.
If children live with fairness,
     they learn justice.
If children live with tolerance,
     they learn to be patient.
If children live with security,
     they learn to have faith in, themselves.
And in those around them.

The Ramakrishna Math, Pune was affiliated to the Ramakrishna Math and Mission, Belur Math in the year 1984. After affiliation, we found that many boys in the age group of 8-15 were staying in the neighbourhood slums. Most of the parents of these themselves were illiterate and living a life of extreme poverty. Thus the children were exposed to dangerous evils like drinking, drugs etc. in their young age itself.
Aware of this problem, we resolved to groom these children by giving them positive values from their young days itself. We instituted the 'Swami Vivekananda Balak Seva Sangh in the Math and requested parents to send their kids to the Math daily. After initial reluctance, the parents have gradually begun trusting us in our mission of working for the betterment of their children. Regular Medical check up of these boys is done free of charge in the Polyclinic & Diagnostic centre of the Math. Necessary medical treatment, as and when required, is provided on the merit of the case.

Milk Distribution for children

On the nutrition front, most of the children cannot get very nutritious food at their homes. We also found out that it is not possible for many children to have drinking milk daily. So we began providing nutritious food and milk to them. We approached Belur Math with a request for helping us in this venture. With the help of various people and organizations, the milk powder has been provided to us from Belur Math with the cooperation of Share and Care Foundation, at a very nominal rate.

We have introduced free and compulsory coaching classes in the evenings for the boys. Teachers from local schools and other volunteers from the teaching fraternity chalk out programs for the classes.

Balak Sangh Coaching Classes Balak Sangh Coaching Classes

The kids on their part are taught various lessons in spirituality, moral sciences etc. They are encouraged to develop musical talents, sportsmanship in games like cricket, football etc. Students are taught Prayers, Vedic chanting, Sanskrit hymns including Gita Chanting etc. They are encouraged to take part in various competitions like recitation, elocution, drawing etc. conducted by various organizations.

Flag Hoisting - Independence Day Celebrations Elocution contest for Balak Sangh boys

Under proper supervision the children are taught to organize and conduct the social and cultural programs like Ganesh Festival, Holi, Shivratri, Christmas Eve, Buddha Purnima, etc. They are also motivated to speak on life and teachings of great personalities of the World who dedicated their lives for the good of mankind.


  • Free Tuition Classes for students from 4th to 11thstd.
  • Computer Training in MS-CIT certification
  • Training for 4th to 7th std. students for scholarship and for the examinations of the Tilak Maharashtra University. Last year, four students gained success in Maths and one in Sanskrit examinations.
  • Moral Story books, magazines are made available to the students to increase their interest in reading.
  • Excursion to Airpot, Empress Garden, Shivatharghal, to make students familiar with the outside world.
  • To make children familiar with business and marketing skills, sales of Diwali Greeting Cards and groceries were arranged within the math campus.
  • Cultural Programs are conducted like Ganesh Festival, Dahi Handi, etc.

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