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Ramakrishna Math, Pune is a spiritual as well as social service organization. Extending selfless service to the poor and needy people is one of our prime objectives. With this sprit of service, Ramakrishna Math, Pune had started a Medical Unit right at the year of its inception i.e., in 1984, with a small Homeopathic wing. Since 1994, it has developed into a full fledged diagnostic center having in addition to its homoeopathic wing, various allopathic departments. The medical unit is having latest equipments, apparatus and appliances operated by trained staff. Our Polyclinic-cum- diagnostic center is attended and supervised by renowned experts, specialists and medical professionals of the city.

The Math charges nominal fee, for medical examinations and treatment. The needy patients are treated free of cost. Every year medical camps are organized by the Polyclinic. Every patient visiting the polyclinic is treated equally, without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion.

Salient features of the polyclinic

Investigation facilities

X-Ray | Pathology | Sonography | ECG | 2D-Echo | Color Doppler

Outdoor patient department

In OPD nearly 250 patients are treated everyday; out of which 100 are new cases.

Medical Check Up Plans

A) Senior Citizen Plan for age group 60 yrs & above :
We have a special check-up plan for senior citizens (age 60 years and above), in which sixteen tests, to monitor various vital parameters of the body, are carried out viz. X-Ray, ECG, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, HbA1c, Uro Micro albumin etc. In addition to these tests, free consultation from specialist doctors is also included in this plan.
B) Medical check-up plan ( for age group 40-60 yrs ) :
We have a special medical check-up plan for people who fall under age group of 40 to 60 years. In this plan, 16 tests are done in total; and free consultation from specialist is also included in the plan.
C) Diabetes monitoring plan for diabetic patients :
This plan is for the patients who are detected with diabetes already. 10 different tests are done, including HbA1C, to gauge various health parameters affected due to Diabetes.
D) Diabetes detection plan :
This plan is for patients who need to check for diabetes. 11 different tests are done including HbA1C test, which is a confirmatory test for diabetes.

Medical Services

Some charitable institutions, serving orphans, old-age people & destitute, are in need of medical help for their inmates; such institutions take benefit of this diagnostic center on special discounted rates.

Medical Camps

Often Polyclinic organizes free camps for Asthma, Diabetes detection, Cancer detection, Blood Donation, Neurology, Bone Mineral density camp.

Manomitra - Counselling Centre

Dr. Bharat Desai and Dr. Mrs. Mansi Rajhans counsel people for mental disorders and stress.


Computerized Operations

Pathalogy Department









Diabetic Care Clinic

T. B. Department : Tuberculosis section has been honoured by WHO for the best work done for T.B. treatement.

Eye Department (with various specialised facilities with A-Scan machine, Keratometer, Refractive Units, Vision Testing Unit. We are also treating children with squint/ convergence problems with Synaptophore equipment. This has been very well utilized.)

Dental Dept (With four chairs we do denture work, root canal,bridge work and orthodentistry work)

Skin, Dermatosurgery and Cosmetology unit ( Vitiligo treatment, Acne (Pimples) and Acne (Pimple) scar treatment, Dermabrasion Excision and Subcision for scars, Mole Excision, Wrinkles treatment, Pigmentation Disorder, Chemical peel, Hyperhidrosis (Excessive perspiration) treatment, Keloid and Hyperbotnic scar surgery)

Physiotherapy Dept( Inferential Machine, ultrasound Machine, Occupational Therapy Equipment. This department has started Prenatal and Postnatal exercises and occupational therapy for CPA and mentally handicapped children and paralytic patients. Now we have added: Alternate exercise therapy for fitness. Pregnancy Prenatal and Postnatal exercises. Children sport injuries viz. Tennis elbow, knee sprains/ strain)

Counseling Centre Senior Citizens' Dept (Under this scheme, seniors are thoroughly examined for all contingencies expected due to old age and course of treatment is suggested to them at very reasonable rates)

Mobile Dispensary(Visits outskirts of Pune thrice a week)

Ulta Sound Dept.

Physiotherapy (more details...)

Patients Waiting

Eye Department

Dental Department

Dental Department

X Ray Dept

X-Ray Department

Physio-therapy Dept

Patients waiting...

Eye Department

Computerized Operations

Mobile dispensary

Mobile Dispensary at village Kharavade

Health Awareness

Seminars and Lectures are organized to create awareness among the people about common ailments. Lectures are conducted by experienced doctors to which beneficial and positive feedback is received by the participants. Lectures are organized on various subjects like 'Fighting Cancer', 'Introduction to diseases of joints', 'Bone weakning - a common problem in old age', 'Cataract - A silent killer of vision', 'Awareness of AIDS and its curing vaccine' 'How to avoid heart attack?' etc.

Medical Camps

Periodically various health check up schemes are organized like 'Primary Health Check up', 'Diabetic Tests', 'Heart Check up' 'Eye Check up camp', etc. Some of these camps are organized in collaboration with Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital.

Workshops / Educational Visits

Workshops for medical students are held in our campus. In 2009 a workshop for medical students of 'S.N.D.T. College of Home Science' was held. Other than this, educational visits are also organized for medical students / teachers for thier studies and laboratory observations.


For recreation, retreats are held every year for Polyclinic staff employees.

You can Help us in following manner:

Interested patrons and donors may offer their helping hand to this activity through monetary help. Organizations and other groups can please contact the Math office to help in these humanitarian efforts.

For details contact Math office during office hours.

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For Medical / Diagnosis enquiry contact Polyclinic office during office hours:
8.30 am to 4 pm (Mon - Sat.) & OPD: 8:30 am to 1 pm on all week days except Sundays.
Contact Numbers : (020) 2433 3779 / 2432 0385 / 2433 9188