Mobile Dispensary

We have started a mobile dispensary program which caters to people of rural Maharashtra. Under this program three villages are covered - Kharavde, Khubavali and Bhadas, where we conduct medical activities. We have doctors and supporting staff who visit these villages twice / thrice a week with medicines.


Bhoini - Huts nearby. Bhoini - Doctor talking to a tribal woman. Bhoini - Sister dressing a wound

Kharavde Village:

Kharawde - Free Medicines Kharawde - Medical Dispensary building. Kharavde - Dr. Sukalkar

Kharavde is a small town close to Pirangut. We used to run the dispensary in the Govt. School until recently. The Gram Panchayat has built a nice building with necessary furniture etc. to house the medical staff, doctors etc. during their visit to Kharavde. The new building is now equipped with X-Ray and Sonography machines. We visit here thrice a week with our medical van.


Bhoini - Huts nearby.Followed by medical services, the Math has started an educational project for the students in Kharawade, a village, 35 Km away from Pune. Free coaching classes in Mathematics and English are provided for all the students from std. 1 to 6. There is, also, a constant effort for developing their talents in the fields like arts and sports. Six lady-teachers from Pune volunteer for this project visits Karawade on every Saturday.
There has been improvement in the attendance of the students from 30 in 2007, above 50 in 2008, and around 70 students in the year 2009-10.

Bhoini - Doctor talking to a tribal woman.A small program of reciting sanskrit shlokas by these students was well appreciated by the participants of Spiritual Retreat held a math campus. In addition to this, there is a computer training centre functioning for the youngsters. Presently, the basic computer knowledge and MS-Office courses are being taught, so as to make them computer literate.

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